I have had a lot of issues getting ready for the new year.  You name it, it happened.

PC died

Lost whole music library

2nd PC took a poop



Changed servers

The list goes on and on but I’ve finally got it (I think!)

The links provided have been updated to the new server I am utilizing so you can click on them and they are ready to go.

I stream 24/7 (unless the server crashes) and will make updates to any downtime that I can.

There is currently about 9 hours of music streamed then it starts over again.  I am trying to get a total of 12 hours so it doesn’t get too monotonous.

Anyone stopping by for the first time, please check it out and pass it along to your family and friends.  The The Facebook and Twitter links are the same and I will try my best to post updates as much as I can.

Oh, if you have any requests on adding any oldies artists that I have left out, please feel free to shoot me an email in the contact section.  I monitor that address frequently and I will add it to the playlist as soon as I can.

Thanks for your time and Merry Christmas!

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